Rachel Corcoran Illustration


Rachel Corcoran launched her online print shop back in 2012, which showcased her uplifting and inspiring hand-lettered quotes. Her products gained much popularity and were featured worldwide on sites such as Etsy, Zoella, Buzzfeed and Refinery 29. Since then Rachel has taken new paths with her product range and created a world of intriguing illustrations and stories which are captured on beautiful papers. All parts of the process are handled by Rachel; from illustrating/designing, to brand photography, packing, shipping, marketing, tea-making (milk and two sugars) and website designing.

From her little studio in Dublin, Rachel works as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer for both national and international clients; providing illustrations and designs for children’s books, magazines, advertising, branding and packaging. When not working on these projects, Rachel loves to get lost in her daily daydreams and create personal pieces for her shop. Each illustration begins life as a tiny thumbnail sketch in her notebook. These sketches are erased, re-imagined,-re-drawn, and further refined through a long head-scratching process. Regarding her greeting cards, Rachel prefers to offer unique visuals for everyday occasions. She combines wit, originality, prettiness, and whimsy within each image.

The next part of the process is finalising the images. Rachel then digitally illustrates and colours her scenes; inspired by traditional techniques such as sketchy pencil lines and splashes of thickly applied paint. Her ‘handmade’ aesthetic is much loved with customers, as it reminds them of times gone-by when the world was a little bit more rose-tinted.

Rachel adores both vintage design and nostalgia; such as intricate details, and the personal stories associated with a piece of ephemera. She likes to interpret this influence in to her own illustrations. Her illustrations have depth and meaning, and offer a unique product to the print market. Not only are they thoughtful and sweet in sentiment, but they are also earth-kind. Rachel uses an environmentally-aware printer, which is local to her studio. With the devastating consequences of plastics now coming to light, Rachel is deeply committed to abstaining from using plastics - especially single-use plastics - in her packaging. Biodegradable, recycled, and natural alternatives are always used; from the papers to the envelopes, and the small things like avoiding the use of plastic sticky tape.

Take a look inside Rachel’s studio and illustration process over on her Instagram page.
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