Studio Snapshots

My studio may be small but it's full of my most treasured items. It's a room brimming with inspiration and procrastination; where I communicate with the rest of the world, and where I really feel at ease. Take a look below for a few snapshots from my favourite place...

~ Rachel x

Packing up todays orders. The 'radio' biscuit tin is where I keep my mail receipts (I wish there were still biscuits in that tin).

Each drawer is full of a different colour Pro Marker, or a variety of different pens. I love to have artwork all around me - including a mix of my own work with other illustrators I like.

I prefer to use various interesting mugs and tins to hold my pens and pencils. Each print is hand-stamped with my logo on the reverse. 

I have two large pin boards where I display many things I've collected through the years. This board is largely devoted to vintage Valentine's. I love making and typing funny telegrams on my typewriter - not everything in my studio has to be serious work ;)